Monday, 14 January 2013


AW 13/14

the second collection i've chosen to look at on today's MAN MONDAY is PRADA. oh my goodness - it's so good! i don't quite know where to start with what i like about it, because i like it all! but i suppose the first thing that jumps out is the colours - taken straight out of a seventies catalogue (as is the rest of the look) they are a great mix of the vibrant and muted. the whole seventies vibe has been prevalent on many of the catwalks, but i think PRADA have captured it the best. keep an eye out for the shoes that take this collection  and give it a good old shake about. also once again it's all about detail. look at the shirt collars all askew and the contrasting black buttons on the jackets. also, i loved their mix of young and old models. GENIUS.

1.  jackets and jumpers are not at first a winning combination (any one else think of Alan Partridge?!) but look how they've achieved a modern/ stream lined look above but using thin layers and avoiding boxy shoulders - eek!
2. ALWAYS think about your shoes! the use of pointed creeper/brogues above has transformed the look of the trousers
3. make the cut of your trousers at the ankle a little higher than usual so they hang just above your shoes

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