Monday, 14 January 2013


AW 13/14

my third and final pick of catwalk shows is DOLCE AND GABANA - the 'devotion' collection. and i have to say i have saved my personal best to last. it is incredible - with the theme of devotion running through the whole thing and the 'models' all actually being authentic Sicilian men folk not models, it is about as Italian as you can get. 
the prints are obviously pretty amazing in their own right (see more in the next post where we have a closer look) but what i also love is the different interpretations of the word 'devotion' through them - with the religious iconic ones through to the explosive 'funeral flower' ones.
contrast these with the formal monochrome night wear and the whole thing really starts to pick up pace. fantastic tailoring and interesting use of layering and textures (as seen at prada and vivienne westwood below) it brings the whole thing together with a grown up sophistication.
finally i LOVE the big round necklines, baggy cut-off sleves, belted trousers and everything with a little bit of space to breathe - even the shirts.
the more i look at it the more i like it...

1. choose a neckline that is a little more rounded than, for example, the straight lines of PRADA (see posts below) but don't go too low!
2. (as seen in the picture above) wear boots instead of shoes with tailored trousers and create a slight roll up in the trouser leg - subtle yet different
3. don't shy away from prints - one key piece can be used in so many different ways

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