Sunday, 13 January 2013



love the folky / crafty twist to this collection by Russian designer VIKA GAZINSKAYA. It's fun yet grown up and plays with the themes of the sky and the outdoors like you are seeing a series of views from a window - watching the clouds build or the rain fall. The shapes again seem to reflect cloud formations or puddles on the ground. It also reminds me of fuzzy felt shapes + colours, where you could build a landscape where none of the scale was quite right i.e ratio of size of house to size of cloud. 
However, the quality of the fabrics and complex colours prevents it from becoming gimmicky or childish.
This is a really great collection, i look forward to seeing what comes next....

watch this -
 it gives you a much better sense of the colours and textures of the fabrics 
i always like to see clothes moving if possible..

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