Thursday, 10 January 2013


I love the idea of creating a uniform, knowing what you're going to wear every day by pairing down your wardrobe. My wardrobe / bedroom floor / any other surface that I can shove clothes onto are full to the brim of things that I simply just don't wear any more, and even worse some things that have never been worn. Imagine waking up to a rack of clothes where everything goes with everything, no more getting changed four times before leaving the house, no more having a crisis about what to wear. I'm trying my best to think more about the clothes that I buy in terms of classic items that will last, as well as throwing in something a bit more exciting too. Comfort, clean lines & oversized are always a win for me. Here are some of the things that I'd include in my dream uniform, basic perhaps but I'll never have trouble knowing what to wear again...

 shirt from vanishing elephant // necklace from the vamoose // troussers & cardigan from COS // oversize t-shirt (in grey/white/black) ASOS // shoes from h by hudson

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