Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Today is the first in the series of "People Tuesday", a series of posts on interesting individuals from musicians, artists, writers, designers and everything in between.

And as it's his birthday, we're starting with the one and only David Bowie.

With a highly anticipated exhibition entitled "David Bowie is", featuring more than 300 objects including original costumes at the V&A museum in March, a new single out today and a new album later on, the first releases in ten years of musical silence, it's a big year for Bowie.

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve dancing around the house to Bowie's iconic vocals on songs such as Let's Dance and John I'm only Dancing along with pretending to be an astronaut to Space Oddity. Though some feel that his newest offering, Where Are We Now sounds a bit too melancholic, I feel its the perfect continuation of the album Heathen (Yes, I'm choosing to ignore 'Reality')

If you're not a Bowie fan musically, there's still a lot to love! Possibly my favourite photos of Bowie are those depicting him with Elizabeth Taylor in an impromptu photo shoot by legendary photographer Terry O'Neill. There's something vulnerable in the images which makes a change from the showman brimming with confidence that we usually see. According to O'Neill, Taylor had wanted to have a meeting with Bowie about a potential film role so he organised a meeting between them. Bowie turned up hours late leaving Taylor less than pleased so O'Neill started taking pictures to break the ice. It's hard to believe from the intimacy of the shots that this is the first time that Bowie and Taylor had met.

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