Friday, 11 January 2013


La Lectrice is a french film directed by Michel Deville in 1988. Fascinated by the protagonist in a novel that she's reading, Constance (played by Miou Miou) decides to become a reader, reading to those who are lonely, in need of company or cannot read from themselves. She places an ad in the paper and soon has a whole list of clients, ranging from a child obsessed with 'Alice in Wonderland', infatuated teenager Eric who is wheelchair bound  + embracers her reading as an important form of escapism, a general's widow who is also a marxist and others too. The film explores the different relationships made between the reader and her clients, with each client visually having a distinct colour scheme + environment that Constance adapts to like a chameleon. La Lectrice is funny, enlightening + visually delicious, the perfect film for a lazy afternoon.

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