Tuesday, 15 January 2013


best known for her work with the BBC Radiographic Workshop, Delia Derbyshire created early electronic music and was a pioneer of the field. The Radiographic Workshop was created in order to produce sounds and effects along with new music for radio. One of the pieces that she is most famous for working on during her time at the Workshop is the theme tune for 'Doctor Who'. Along with the radiographic workshop Derbyshire was also a founding member of Unit Delta Plus, an organisation intended to promote electronic music as well as being in the band White Noise.

White Noise was formed in 1968 along with fellow radiophonic workshop members David Vorhaus + Brian Hodgson. Releasing six albums in total, their most well known and perhaps most influential was their first, 'An Electric Storm', one of the weirdest + also most beautiful albums I've heard. Below is my favourite song from the album, Firebird.

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